Monday, January 14, 2013

Call-timer FAQ

1/ How to make phone calls?

After installed and configured Call-timer app, you can quit the app and use Phone app or Contacts app to make calls AS YOU USUALLY DO. The Call-timer app monitors calls in background and is activated when necessary.   

2/ What is the purpose of Call-timer widget?

The purpose of Call-timer widget is:
+ To allow quickly turn on and off Call-timer. Depend on use-case, there are people sometimes you don’t want to use Call-timer sometimes they do. In that case using widget to turn on or off Call-timer would be faster than access the Call-timer application to achieve the same purpose. Please note that: It is effective only for calls made after you turn on or off Call-timer.

3/ How to use Widget?
You can follow link to learn how to add a widget to home screen. Please note that in Android 4.0 and above, the procedure is slightly different: first, you slide to the screen you want to add the widget to, then tap on the application icon (reside in topmost and rightmost angle off the screen), then tap on widgets tab, then locate the Call-timer widget and long press it until the widget icon is appeared in the screen.

4/ How to fix problem with LG phones?
Some LG phones may not automatically hang up due to policy set in its firmware. In order to get it work, please try to enable Setting->Accessibility->Power key ends calls.

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